Insider’s Guide to Copywriting

Insider's Guide to Copywriting

Copywriting Templates and Swipe Files

There’s a lot of confusion around copywriting.

Many online marketers are leery of it, mistakenly believing that copywriting is all about selling to customers in an obnoxious or unethical way.

They think of times when they experienced high pressure tactics or heard stories of scammers who disappear into the night after fleecing their buyers.

But copywriting isn’t about being unethical when describing your product or trying to force a customer to buy something they don’t need.

When used correctly, copywriting is a tool for serving your community and providing them with value.

This doesn’t mean you can’t sell to your audience – after all, you’re running a business – but you can do it in a way that doesn’t feel slimy or unethical.

Write Copy that Connects

Copywriting is about connecting with your audience.

When there’s a genuine connection and your community senses that you truly care, they’re happy to buy from you.

In fact, they may even thank you for your products and affiliate recommendations!

Before you write a single word of copy, you need to slow down and consider who you’ll be targeting with your products or services.

Knowing your ideal client is the secret to writing copy that makes customers eager to buy from and promote your brand.

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is or if you think your buyer is “anyone who wants it” then your copy is going to fail.

You’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

Your ideal client determines the tone you’ll use in your copy. A good marketer knows that not every tone is appropriate for every audience.

For example, you sell a digital course on learning guitar at home.

If your target market is twenty-something year old men looking to impress girls, your tone will be light-hearted.

Your copy may reference flirting with and impressing a woman while you play guitar.

But if your target market is parents who have a child in elementary school, your copy will be vastly different.

You’ll talk about the benefits of learning an instrument and share statistics about how kids that play an instrument do better in school.

After identifying your target audience, your copy should focus on your qualifications.

You need to sell your community on why you’re the ideal teacher or creator of your course.

Again, you’re going to think about your target market as you list your credentials.

If your target market is parents, you’ll talk about how you make lessons engaging for young kids.

You’ll mention that you’ve been playing from a young age and how mastering an instrument gave you the fortitude to push those twenty-year-old men, you’ll mention that the lessons are short so they can fit them into a busy schedule.

You’ll share that you serenaded your girlfriend after a huge fight and she totally forgave you.

It’s important to understand that you should never lie about your qualifications to your audience. If they find out, their trust in you is broken.

But you can make sure you phrase your credentials in a way that will appeal to your community.

How to Create Copy Easily

Most online marketers can talk about their services or products for hours on end. They can explain the creation phase, why customers want it, and how to order it.

But if you ask them create copy about their product, they freeze up. They don’t know what to say and worry that their copy will end up sounding lame.

So, they become paralyzed by this task.

The problem is that not writing copy is costing you money. Because when you procrastinate on your copy, your sales page doesn’t go up.

Your product doesn’t get released. Affiliates can’t promote it and worst of all, your audience never buys.

The good news is that copy doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be fun to create if you relax and enjoy the process.

The best copy starts with a goal, so start by thinking about what you want your customer to do.

If you’re trying to sell a product, you want your customer to hit the buy button.

If you’re trying to sell your services, you want your clients to schedule their first session with you.

If you’re doing something else like publishing content to social media, then your goal might simply be to get engagement on the post.

Once you have a goal in mind, close your eyes and envision yourself as a customer. Think about the journey they’re taking.

Consider their biggest fears about buying from you and turn them into a list.

For example, parents of kids may worry that their child won’t be able to focus during the lessons or they may be concerned their kid won’t be good with an instrument.

Next, consider the journey for your customer as each step unfolds.

For example, imagine your customer listening to his child master the basic chords, then enjoying the moment as his kid plays a song through for the first time.

You may also want to think about setbacks that your customer might experience.

Like convincing his kid to watch the first lesson or encouraging her child to play even though she’s struggling with a complex song.

Now imagine how life will look for your customer once they achieve their goal.

For example, a parent might envision their child excelling at a public performance or graduating from a prestigious university with honors.

Write down what this looks like. You’ll use this information as the opening of your copy.

It should describe what life will look like when your customer has used your product or service.

From there, tackle their fears. Use the list from before and counter their objections one by one.

For example, if one of the objections was “my child won’t be able to focus on the lessons”, you’ll mention that each lesson is short and streamlined.

You’ll share that the instructor has an engaging style and has taught hundreds of kids how to play guitar.

Next, you’ll talk about the journey that the customer will take. You’ll mention the highlights as well as a few setbacks.

Then you’ll point out the journey could take much longer without an established leader to guide them.

At this point, you’ll mention your product again and showcase the most important features.

Finally, present your community with the buy button and let them make the decision to work with you.

The Key Elements of Good Copy

Now that you know how to create copy that sells, there are a few key elements that you should know about.

These elements are regularly used by professional copywriters so you’ll want to include many of them in your own writing…


Headlines have to hook the reader or viewer into reading more. The hook is the angle of your headline. It’s the narrative you’re telling throughout your copy.

John Caples created one of the best hooks with his headline, “They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano but When I Started to Play!”

This headline makes readers curious.

Most people automatically feel for the underdog so when the hero of the headline is laughed at, they want to see him surprise everyone.

That’s the hook that catches the audience and demands they read the rest of the text.

You can have an amazing article or sales letter but without a compelling headline, no one will read it. The best headlines make readers curious enough to click.

Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is the place where you tell your community what to do next.

Common CTAs include: call now, book a free session, download it today, buy now, add to cart, etc.


The closing is the part of your copy where you sign off. You add a closing phrase like “Thank you” or “To Your Success”. Then put your name and a guarantee.

The guarantee is useful if you’re selling something and want to reassure your audience.

Power words

Power words are phrases or expressions that persuade your community to take action. Popular power words include:

  • Quick
  • New
  • Discover
  • Free
  • Offer
  • Instantly
  • Simple
  • Announcing
  • Create
  • Magic
  • Easy


The pre-headline is a line or two of text before the main headline. It’s useful on landing pages and can quickly grab attention so visitors know they’re on the right page.

Motivating Phrases

Motivating phrase are exactly that. They are phrases you add to your copy to motivate visitors to take action.

Limited time offers, short term bonuses and exclusive features are some ways to motivate visitors to take action.


Transitions are those phrases that keep readers moving from one paragraph to the next. Good transition phrases include:

  • Now
  • But wait
  • Next
  • Keep in mind
  • As a result
  • After
  • Remember
  • So
  • When
  • Learn more
  • Don’t forget

Price Justification

Price justification is a way of convincing your customers to buy from you.

You can use this method by pointing out what customers would have spent if they tried to do everything on their own or hired someone to do it for them.


PS stands for Post Scriptum, a Latin phrase often added to the end of a message.

The PS is one of the most-read areas of an email or sales page, so use the PS section to remind readers of an important point.

Benefit Bullets

Most readers scan your copy. But they’ll stop and read every word when you add short bullet points.

Professional copywriters use bullet points to share the benefits of the product they’re promoting.

For example, using the digital guitar course from earlier, your benefit bullets might look this…

Benefits of Playing an Instrument for Kids:

  • Improves Academic Performance
  • Promote Co-ordination
  • Teaches Discipline
  • Increases Self-Esteem

Don’t Give Up!

It can take some time to learn how to write effective copy. With this information, you’ll find writing copy can be a fun and relaxing experience.

Let’s Talk About the Templates and Tools Included Here:

Our goal is to make things simpler for you…to make it easier for you to write more effective copy and generate more sales. 

Copywriting Templates and Swipe Files

Pre-Headlines for Landing Pages & More Swipe File

The pre-headline is the straight to the point, sentence that comes before the main headline on your landing page.

In the past, it was usually highlighted in eye-popping yellow or red and began with “ATTENTION:” all in caps.

Pre-headlines have a dual purpose.

The first is to identify and pre-qualify the target audience as the right readers, who have the particular problem or need you mention.

It tells the reader, if you belong to this group, this message is for you…so pay attention. It might look something like this:

Attention Business Owners! If You’re Struggling with Low Click Through Rates with Your Emails, This Could Be the Reason…


Fellow Email Marketer, Are Low Click Through Rates a Getting You Down? Keep Reading to Find the Solution…

Or even…

Struggling with Low Email Click Through Rates? The Problem May be in the Execution…

Secondly, the pre-head needs to reassure your audience that the information that follows is important to them.

That they do not need to click away without reading it because the solution is here. 

Pre-heads can also be used in emails to enhance the subject.

Most mobile devices and many email service providers allow users to get a glimpse or preview of an email without having to open it.

This is where the pre-head comes into play.

Like with landing pages, it helps prequalify readers and assists your subject lines in compelling subscribers to open your email.

It gives you the ability to go more in-depth with your subject line without compromising its length.

With this pre-head you can entice your readers with some type of limited offer – a discount, a weekend-only special, a freebie.

These pre-headlines can be customized and use in landing pages, sales pages, emails, and more.

Struggling with ____________? The reason _________ (Struggling with frequent acne outbreaks? The reason may shock you…)

Are you worried about __________

Are you or your loved one suffering from __________

Are you tired of __________ and ready for a change?

Are you suffering with _______ and looking for a solution?

Isn’t it time for you to _________ (turn your problem into a solution or goal)

Attention __________ of _________ (e.g. parents of an autistic child)

Would you like to ______________ without __________ (e.g. be 10 pounds lighter without dieting)

Attention _____!

Are you paying high dollar for __________ with little results?

Are you sick of ______________ that nobody ____________? (writing blog posts that nobody reads)

If you’re ____________, __________ could be sabotaging your __________. But today, we reveal how to… 

Urgent message for _____________! (parents raising a child with ADHD)

Tired of spending endless hours _____________?

Are you letting _____ control your __________? (debt control your life)

If you’re struggling with _____________, this could be the reason…

Who else wants to_______________?

Fellow ____________ are ________________ getting you down? Keep reading for the solution…

Tired of______________ and ready for a change?

New to ______________?  Keep reading to learn from my mistakes…

Confused about _______ and how to overcome it? Read on.

Disappointed with __________ that don’t work? Just read on.

Tired of promises of __________ that leave you feeling __________?

Ever wondered why ______________ are more ______ than others?

Want to learn more about __________ and get started immediately?

Is your team _______________?

Have you ever ___________ but _________? (purchased PLR but never used it) Pay attention to what’s below.

Are you suffering from _________? Why? The solution is so easy….

Do you have a burning desire to_____________ and _____________?

Are you ready to __________ right now?

Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to ____________?

Would you like to __________?

Interested in ________ but don’t know where to start?

_________ (parent, business owner, etc.), what would you say if I told you _____________

________? Fast _____ fixes for __________ (Blotchy patches on your face? Quick beauty fixes for uneven skin.)

____ (Target person)! Here’s your chance to____________

Are you in a constant struggle for___________? Want to learn why?

Looking for a unique way to __________?

Troubled over___________? ___________ will show you how.

Are you determined to___________? You’ve reached the right place….

Looking for a way to __________? Learn the secret now.

Interested in discovering how to___________ just by ___________?

Are you paying too much for_________?

Ever wish you could ____________? You can!

Been dreaming of ___________________? You’ll love this!

Have you ever said ______________? You actually can!

Ever thought about ________________? Here’s your chance.

Do you want to learn ____________ the right way?

Are you willing to do _________________ to get rid of ___________? (spend just 10 minutes a day to get rid of unsightly wrinkles)

Want to learn how to start _________ with ________? (start a business with only $100)

Did you know you can _____________ in the next ________ (learn the top 5 copywriting secrets in the next hour)

Headlines Swipe File

Headlines are the most important copywriting element in your posts, emails, ads, sales pages, and everything else that you write.

It’s so important because you have less than 8 seconds to get readers hooked. If your audience isn’t compelled to read more, your headline isn’t effective.

To be effective, each headline needs to accomplish several of four objectives. It should attract attention and pique interest or curiosity.

It should also refer to readers’ desires, which often include solutions to problems. And the last objective is to motivate action.

When your headline covers several of these things well – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (A.I.D.A), you’ve got a click-worthy, effective headline!

As you craft headlines, keep in mind that you may want to customize them for each platform where you plan to use the content.

This helps to optimize engagement and other actions. Some words and phrases work best on a specific platform.

For example, on Facebook, headlines with “will make you” received more engagement, whereas on LinkedIn the top-engaging headline phrase included “the future of.”

Here are a few headlines you can use for your headlines and sales copy.

  1. _____ Things Only [target audience] Will Understand About ______
  2. _____ Ways to _________
  3. _____ Ways to Avoid __________
  4. _____ Reasons Why __________
  5. _____ Steps to ___________
  6. _____ Types of ___________ – Which one are you?
  7. _____ Hidden Secrets about ___________ Revealed
  8. _____ Little Known Ways to _____________
  9. _____ Days To Better _______________
  10. _____ Mistakes ___________ Make
  11. _____ Programs To Make Life ________
  12. _____-Minute Solutions To __________
  13. ___________ for [target audience] Just Got Easier
  14. ___________ Will Make You __________
  15. Amazing _________ Breakthrough
  16. Announcing the First ___________
  17. Announcing, ___________
  18. Are You ________?
  19. Are You Embarrassed by ________?
  20. Are You Fed up with __________?
  21. Avoid These ___________ Mistakes
  22. Awe-Inspiring ____________ For _____________ [target market]
  23. Breakthrough Secrets of ______________
  24. Break Free with __________________
  25. Breaking Down The Barrier For ___________________
  26. Convert ___________ Into _____________ In ____ Easy Steps
  27. Counteract Devastating Effects of _____________
  28. Discover ___________
  29. Don’t ___________ until You __________
  30. Don’t ___________ without Reading This
  31. Don’t Buy ________ until You ________
  32. Don’t Take Another Chance with __________
  33. Experience the Difference of _____________
  34. Exposed! ___________
  35. Facts Every [target audience] Should Know About _________
  36. Finally, _______
  37. Find The Best Solution For ____________
  38. Get Rid of __________, Once and for All
  39. Give Me _______ And I’ll _________
  40. If You Don’t _____________, You’ll Kick Yourself Later
  41. Have a _____________ You Can Be Proud Of
  42. How ________ Made Me ________ and It Can Help You Too.
  43. How a Complete Beginner _________
  44. How Do You Turn a ____ into a _____?
  45. How Much ___________ Is Too Much?
  46. How to Build a Better ______________
  47. How the Experts Choose _____________________.
  48. How to ________ in/by ___________
  49. How to _____________ in ____ Easy Steps
  50. How to Improve ____________
  51. How to Make ____________
  52. How to Protect Your _____________
  53. How Would You Handle _____________?
  54. How Would You Like __________?
  55. Imagine, __________
  56. Imagine Yourself ___________
  57. It Pays to ______________
  58. Learn How to _________
  59. Little Know Ways to _______________
  60. Master ___________ to _____________
  61. Now You Too Can Have ___________________
  62. New ___________ Make _____________ Irresistible to ______________.
  63. Put ____________ to Work for You
  64. Salvage Your ___________ After ___________
  65. See Just How Easy it is to ________________
  66. Simple Methods to Attract ________________
  67. Surviving _______ Critical _______________ Mistakes
  68. Take the Guesswork out of _________________
  69. Tapping Into Your Hidden _________________
  70. Tempting ____________ [target audience] Should Avoid Like The Plague
  71. The [target audience’s} Best Kept Secret ___________
  72. The Easiest Way to _______________
  73. The Lazy [Insert type of person: Man’s, Woman’s, Homemaker’s] Way to ___________
  74. The ___________ of Your Dreams
  75. The _____________ You Always Wanted
  76. The Next Best Thing to _____________
  77. The Perfect Alternative to ____________
  78. The Secret(s) to ____________
  79. The Healing Power of _____________
  80. The Truth about ___________
  81. This Is Why _______ Should (Shouldn’t) ______________
  82. Tired of ___________?
  83. Transforming Your ___________ Into ____________ For More _____________
  84. Top _______ Reasons Why _________
  85. Unlocking The Door To __________________.
  86. Unlock the Secrets of _____________
  87. What You Need to Know about __________
  88. Who Else Wants to ___________?
  89. You Don’t Have to Be _______________ to _______________
  90. Your _________ is in Serious Danger

Power Words & Phrases Swipe File

Power words and phrases are an important element in your copy. They can help persuade your audience and motivate action.

Use this list of 465 power words and phrases in your copy to help effectively lead your readers to take action.

Power words and phrases are an important element in your copy, whether you are writing an email or a sales page.

These powerful, influential words help your target audience identify with specific feelings and connect emotionally with your information, a situation, or a product.

Depending on where you use power words, they can also help persuade your audience as well as motivate action, among other things.

In short, power words drive your audience down the road you want them to travel – through your sales funnel tunnel.

Contrary to what some people say, every “emotion provoking” word isn’t an effective power word or phrase.

That is because in order to be effective, your target audience must be able to identify with the feelings you describe in your story/scenario.

That means, you absolutely must understand the problem and the associated feelings inside out and upside-down.

BUT you must also know what strongly motivates them – enough to take action and make a change.

In other words, you have to use the words that hold meaning for them, under the given circumstances.

Depending on your niche, audience, and the context in which the words are used, these power words and phrases can work well in your copy to motivate readers to follow your lead and take action.

Combine and include the power words/phrases in your sales copy that will effectively lead your readers to take action.

  1. #1 ________ recommended
  2. 10 (ways) to ________
  3. ______’s choice
  4. ______-resistant
  5. abuse
  6. act now
  7. action steps
  8. action-oriented
  9. action-packed
  10. advanced
  11. agony
  12. all-in-one
  13. all-star lineup
  14. amazing
  15. anonymous
  16. apocalypse
  17. Armageddon
  18. arrogant
  19. assault
  20. at last
  21. at your fingertips
  22. attention
  23. audacity
  24. authentic
  25. automatic
  26. autopilot
  27. available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  28. available morning, noon, and night
  29. awe-inspiring
  30. backbone
  31. backdoor
  32. backed
  33. backlash
  34. backstabbing
  35. banned
  36. bargain
  37. beat down
  38. beating
  39. behind the scenes
  40. belief
  41. best
  42. best selling
  43. beware
  44. billion
  45. black market
  46. blacklisted
  47. blinded
  48. blissful
  49. blockbuster
  50. blood
  51. bloodbath
  52. bloodcurdling
  53. bloody
  54. bomb
  55. bonanza
  56. bonus
  57. boost
  58. bootleg
  59. bootstrap
  60. bravery
  61. brazen
  62. breakdown
  63. breakout
  64. breakthrough
  65. breathtaking
  66. bright
  67. brutally honest
  68. built for life
  69. built to last
  70. bully
  71. bumbling
  72. bumbling
  73. by popular demand
  74. cancel anytime
  75. cash
  76. catastrophe
  77. caution
  78. censored
  79. certified
  80. change
  81. charter
  82. cheap
  83. collapse
  84. comfort
  85. competitive
  86. complete
  87. concealed
  88. confessions
  89. confidential
  90. conquer
  91. conspiracy
  92. controversial
  93. convenience
  94. courage
  95. covert
  96. cover-up
  97. coward
  98. craftsmanship
  99. crave
  100. crazy
  101. create
  102. cripple
  103. crisis
  104. critically acclaimed
  105. crooked
  106. crush
  107. danger
  108. daring
  109. deadly
  110. death
  111. defiance
  112. defy
  113. delight
  114. depraved
  115. destiny
  116. destroy
  117. devastating
  118. devoted
  119. dirty
  120. disastrous
  121. discount
  122. disgusting
  123. dollar
  124. double
  125. dramatically increase
  126. drowning
  127. eager
  128. easy assembly
  129. easy care
  130. easy to understand
  131. easy-access
  132. easy-to-use
  133. embarrassing
  134. empower
  135. endless possibilities
  136. endorsed
  137. energize
  138. excited
  139. exciting
  140. exclusive
  141. experience
  142. expertly crafted
  143. explode
  144. exploit
  145. exposed
  146. extra
  147. extraordinary
  148. eye-opening
  149. eye-popping
  150. fabulous
  151. fabulous news
  152. fact
  153. fail
  154. faith
  155. fearless
  156. feast
  157. feeble
  158. finally
  159. fine-toothed comb
  160. fired
  161. fired up
  162. first
  163. flailing
  164. focus
  165. fool
  166. fooled
  167. forbidden
  168. force-fed
  169. forgotten
  170. fortune
  171. foul
  172. frantic
  173. free
  174. free delivery
  175. free shipping
  176. freebie
  177. frenzy
  178. frightening
  179. from scratch
  180. frugal
  181. fulfill
  182. fully assembled
  183. gambling
  184. gift
  185. good news
  186. grand opening
  187. grateful
  188. great news
  189. grit
  190. guarantee
  191. guaranteed
  192. gullible
  193. guts
  194. hack
  195. hands-free
  196. happy
  197. hard-hitting
  198. hate
  199. have them eating out of your hand
  200. hazardous
  201. heart
  202. heavy duty
  203. helpless
  204. hero
  205. hidden
  206. high-profit
  207. hoax
  208. holocaust
  209. hope
  210. horrific
  211. hottest
  212. how to
  213. hurricane
  214. hypnotic
  215. illegal
  216. important
  217. improved
  218. in a hurry
  219. increase
  220. incredible
  221. inexpensive
  222. innovative
  223. inside
  224. insider
  225. instant
  226. instantly
  227. instrumental
  228. introducing
  229. invasion
  230. ironclad
  231. irresistible
  232. jail
  233. jaw-dropping
  234. jeopardy
  235. knockout
  236. know it all
  237. laboratory tested
  238. last chance
  239. last minute
  240. latest
  241. lawsuit
  242. leapfrog
  243. leave [them] in your dust
  244. lies
  245. lifetime
  246. limited
  247. loathsome
  248. lonely
  249. long-term
  250. looming
  251. loser
  252. lost
  253. love
  254. low-cost
  255. lunatic
  256. lurking
  257. luxurious
  258. lying
  259. magic
  260. magnetic
  261. major breakthrough
  262. marked down
  263. massive
  264. master
  265. maximize
  266. measurable results
  267. meltdown
  268. mind-blowing
  269. minimal work
  270. mistake
  271. money
  272. money-back
  273. money-grubbing
  274. most trusted
  275. naughty
  276. nest egg
  277. never-before-seen
  278. new
  279. nightmare
  280. no expertise required
  281. no good
  282. no obligation
  283. no problem!
  284. no questions asked
  285. no risk
  286. no strings attached
  287. no-holds-barred
  288. nonstop
  289. now
  290. obnoxious
  291. off the charts
  292. official
  293. off-limits
  294. on demand
  295. only
  296. outlawed
  297. overcome
  298. painful
  299. pale
  300. pales in comparison
  301. panic
  302. paralyzed
  303. pay zero
  304. payback
  305. peace of mind
  306. perfect fit
  307. personal service
  308. pitfall
  309. plague
  310. played
  311. pluck
  312. plummet
  313. plunge
  314. poison
  315. poor
  316. pound
  317. powerful
  318. powerhouse
  319. premiere
  320. preposterous
  321. prestigious
  322. prison
  323. privacy
  324. private
  325. prize
  326. profit
  327. profitable
  328. protected
  329. proven
  330. provocative
  331. pull no punches
  332. pummel
  333. punish
  334. quadruple
  335. quick
  336. quickly
  337. quickly and easily
  338. ready to ship
  339. real-world
  340. reduced
  341. refugee
  342. refund
  343. relief
  344. remarkably _________
  345. research
  346. responsive
  347. results
  348. reveal
  349. revealed
  350. revealing
  351. revenge
  352. revolting
  353. rich
  354. risky
  355. riveting
  356. rush delivery
  357. ruthless
  358. satisfaction guaranteed
  359. save
  360. savings
  361. scandalous
  362. scary
  363. scientific
  364. scream
  365. secret weapon
  366. secrets
  367. secure
  368. seize
  369. sensational
  370. sensual
  371. shameless
  372. shatter
  373. shocking
  374. shortcut
  375. shrewd
  376. sick and tired
  377. silly
  378. simple
  379. sinful
  380. skyrocket
  381. slave
  382. sleazy
  383. sleeping
  384. smash
  385. smug
  386. sneak preview
  387. sniveling
  388. snob
  389. snooty
  390. snotty
  391. soaring
  392. spectacular
  393. spine
  394. spirit
  395. staggering
  396. startling
  397. steamy
  398. step-by-step
  399. strange
  400. strangle
  401. stuck up
  402. stunning
  403. stupid
  404. surge
  405. surprising
  406. surrender
  407. sweaty
  408. taboo
  409. tailspin
  410. tantalizing
  411. targeted
  412. teetering
  413. terror
  414. tested
  415. thrilling
  416. time-sensitive
  417. time-tested
  418. toxic
  419. trade secret
  420. transform
  421. trap
  422. treasure
  423. tricks
  424. triple
  425. triumph
  426. true-to-life
  427. trust
  428. try before you buy
  429. ultimate
  430. ultra-simple
  431. unauthorized
  432. unbelievable
  433. uncensored
  434. unconditional
  435. uncovered
  436. underhanded
  437. understand
  438. unlimited
  439. unparalleled
  440. unrestricted
  441. unrivaled
  442. unsurpassed
  443. uplifting
  444. urgent
  445. vaporize
  446. verify
  447. vibrant
  448. victim
  449. victory
  450. vindication
  451. volatile
  452. vulnerable
  453. wanted
  454. wanton
  455. warning
  456. we pay the tax
  457. whip up
  458. whopping
  459. will make you
  460. withheld
  461. without breaking the bank
  462. worldwide delivery
  463. worry
  464. wounded
  465. yes

Call to Action Swipe File

The call to action is used to motivate readers or listeners to take a specific action you suggest.

Here is a list of calls to action you can use as-is or customize for your specific needs. 

The call to action (CTA) is an important element of marketing strategies and sales copy.

The purpose of the call to action is to motivate readers or listeners to take a specific action you suggest.

The action frequently helps your target readers solve a problem, as well as gets them into your conversion or sales funnel.

However, they must click your call to action link, first.

To convince and compel the reader to act, the words in your copy and your call to action must be effective.

The most effective words vary from niche to niche and even among audience segments within a niche. This is because the reader’s motivation is a major factor.

But, effective calls to action include specific words, phrases, and/or images that grab attention, evoke a strong emotion, create a sense of urgency, persuade them to try something, remove or reduce risk (build trust), empower or inspire the reader, etc.

In addition, effective calls to action are easily viewed; appear multiple times, are highly relative and motivational.

Above all, they clearly and specifically state the action you want them to take.

Here are a few calls to action you can use as-is or customize for your specific needs.

  1. “Accept my exclusive invitation to _______.”
  2. “Advance your [skills, knowledge, opportunity, etc.] by _______.”
  3. “Boost My _______!”
  4. “Buy Now to _______.”
  5. “Call now _____.”
  6. “Call today to reserve your space.”
  7. “Choose to [succeed, profit, learn, grow, etc.]”
  8. “Claim your free subscription.”
  9. “Claim your free trial.”
  10. “Click here _____.”
  11. “Click here for a guided tour of our website.”
  12. “Click here to start your free trial.”
  13. “Click to get instant access”
  14. “Count Me In.”
  15. “Do it today and avoid disappointment.”
  16. “Don’t [action: buy, try, look at, join, etc.] unless you _______, first.”
  17. “Don’t get left behind! Click here to _______.”
  18. “Don’t Hesitate, Call Now”
  19. “Don’t let fear hold you back.”
  20. “Don’t waste another minute, get yours now.”
  21. “Download now”
  22. “Download Today”
  23. “Download your free report.”
  24. “Experience the Difference of _______”
  25. “Find Out First”
  26. “Find the answers you need to _______.”
  27. “For fastest service… [call or click]”
  28. “Get _____% off when you order today”
  29. “Get a free trial.”
  30. “Get it free here”
  31. “Get it NOW”
  32. “Get Me Started Now!”
  33. “Get the _______ weekly newsletter for more suggestions, guaranteed to _______.”
  34. “Guide My Steps To _______.”
  35. “I invite you to…”
  36. “I’m ready to _______.”
  37. “Join Now”
  38. “Just click here and…”
  39. “Make today my turning point to _______.”
  40. “Open more doors to _______ with _______.”
  41. “Order Now To Get [bonus]”
  42. “Rush Me Your ________ [solution]!”
  43. “Show Me My ______.”
  44. “Sign up for your introductory ______”
  45. “Start your trial”
  46. “Stop the vicious cycle and make a change now.”
  47. “Take this easy next step to _______.”
  48. “Talk to Me”
  49. “Watch ______ and Get _____% off _______.”
  50. “What are you waiting for? Call/Click now”
  51. “Your Success Starts Here”

Closings and Sign-Offs Swipe File

Email closings and sign-offs can help you build trust and confidence with your readers, so you’ll want to leave them with something memorable.

Use this list of closing sentences to help you connect and nurture your audience.

Your closing includes a closing sentence or two, a closing phrase (also called a complimentary close), and your signature.

Together, they help to build your readers’ trust and confidence, provide an area where you can thank your readers, and supply your contact info.

Your closing is very important because readers are more apt to remember the last things you say. This is why you want each part to be effective and memorable.

To accomplish this, sum up your content with a closing sentence or two.

This should reiterate the purpose or take-away of the email, include a call to action, or thank your readers.

Carefully craft a unique and memorable closing phrase to replace the boring, impersonal phrases like Best, Sincerely, Regards, etc.

Your closing phrase should make your readers feel accepted, valued, and connected.

Here are a few examples of closing sentences and closing phrases you can customize to meet your needs and get you on the path to success.

Closing Sentences

“If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.”

“If you’re ready for a change…”

“If you’re tired of…”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night on a Sunday…”

“It will be the best $___ you ever spent.” (Use if the price is attractive.)

“It’s in your hands.”

“Order now and see for yourself.”

“We look forward to hearing from you.”

“It’s always a pleasure doing business with you.”

“Thanks again for sharing your expertise in this matter.”

“I am looking forward to getting your input.”

“Looking forward to our successful partnership.”

“Hope to see you at the seminar.”

“The choice is yours.”

“Today’s the day to finally make a change.”

“We’re here to help. The next step is all up to you.”

“You don’t have to suffer with _____, make a change today.”

“You’ll be glad you _____.”

“You’re only moments away from [insert benefit]”

 “I can’t wait to receive your thoughts and ideas.”

“We look forward to building a strong business relationship with you.”

“I look forward to our meeting.”

“Thanks for your helpful attention to this matter.”

“Thanks again for your attention, consideration, and time.”

Closing Phrases/Sign-Offs

Keep up the great work,

Thanks for the inspiration,

You rock,

To your success,

Thank you for [their action/ behavior],

Thank you for your unwavering support,

To an amazing [day/week],

Stay tuned in,

Get ready for [item, event, activity],

Wishing you lots of [positive result],

Keep your head high,

Let me know what you think,

May the sales be with you,

Your partner in [interest in common],

Enjoy your weekend,

Remember to __________, [Refer to a mistake you shared recently]

Postscript/P.S. Swipe File

Your postscript is the high-traffic element below your signature. It contains your last persuasive offer to get them to buy or act on your suggestion.

Studies show that, after your headline or subject line, the P.S. is the most-read part of your content. Your readers are busy, just like you.

They scan and many of them skip directly to the P.S., before they read anything else. This is why it’s so important to your “bottom line” that your postscript is effective.

Making your postscript effective is easy. Include your item’s most important and appealing benefit here using persuasive, powerful words. Include a deadline or limit.

Remember, the offer should be compelling. You can compel your readers with positive or negative wording. Consider using negative occasionally.

Since a reader doesn’t want to be associated with a negative, such as, “this item isn’t for you if you don’t truthfully want to succeed.”

Don’t use negatives too often or it will lose its edge.

Keep in mind that your P.S. should never be an “afterthought” and written on the fly.

It must be carefully planned and crafted to be effective and persuade readers to take action, and I don’t mean closing the email or page.

The effectiveness of your P.S. strongly depends on how well you know your niche, as well as understanding your readers’ problems, needs, and motivating factors.

If you don’t get the offer or wording right, test and research to make needed changes.

Here are a few P.S. examples to get you started and inspire variations that work best for your audience.

P.S. Don’t need the whole system, but are interested in ____? (Downsell) You can get just [that part] here.

P.S. Every day that goes by [insert pain point]. [Product] can help you _____.

P.S. If it’s really time to make a change, there is no better time than now because _____.

P.S. All it takes is a few clicks and you are on your way to _____. Get in while you can!

P.S. The response to ________ has been overwhelming and extremely positive. There have been over [number] [type of actions/reactions] already! If you that haven’t jumped on this, you can still get a copy today.

P.S. If you act by [date/time], you’ll ________.

P.S. If you’re tired of ________, you have the power to _______ by clicking here.

P.S. Now that you know about _______, receive _______ when you order now.

P.S. Remember you’re always __________.

P.S. Skeptical? [Reassure with a benefit and guarantee with your item link].

P.S. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed or your money back.

P.S. You won’t find a better ____ when it comes to ______. Click here and order now.

P.S. Find out why everyone is raving about this [item type]!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention… order now to get [this sweet bonus item].

P.S. Treat yourself by ordering __________, now. You deserve it!

P.S. Say, “yes” to [type of] success by ordering ___________ now.

P.S. Be one of the first to get your hands on [this exciting product] today!

P.S. Remember there is, absolutely, no reason to leave empty handed. You can take advantage of the 100% Risk Free Offer and begin ______ today!

P.S. Quick, there are only [number] copies of ______ available at [discount] so hurry and order!

P.S. Here are the keys! Test drive ____ down the road to success today!

P.S. It’s impossible to lose with _______, unless you walk away empty handed. Pick up your copy today.

P.P.S. EXTRA BONUS: Order now and I’ll include my special [item type] “_____!”

P.S. Time’s running out! To secure a copy of ______ at the pre-launch price of $99, order now.

P.S. You could learn ____ on your own, by trial and error, but it will be a MUCH more costly “education.” For years, I learned ____ the hard way, until I figured out the “secret” system. I made bad choices and wasted lots of money. I don’t want you to go through any of that misery.

P.S. If you accept my invitation immediately, I’ll rush you this special report, called _______.

P.S. Quick-response bonus! Reply within __ days and you’ll receive ________. If you liked the opportunities I outlined, you’ll love this exclusive special report.

P.S. Your __% discount expires in just __ days, so order today, and increase your ________.

P.S. What kind of a life can you provide for your family if you _____? Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when you bring home that surprise gift they’ve always wanted.

P.S. Please Don’t Order this product unless you are looking for a high quality, comprehensive guide you can use to _____.

P.S. If you need more information on _____, look at _____. You will be amazed at the amount of _____ that is covered.

Transitions Swipe File

If you want your target audience to read to the end of your content, develop the art of adding transition phrases to encourage readers to continue along the page.

Ok, so you’ve gotten potential readers beyond the “open” and “click to read more” part. They’ve made it past your pre-headlines and a sub-heading or two.

But you’re worried that your content may be too long and they’ll click away, which does happen often.


A smooth, even content flow keeps drawing them down, connecting them to the next line, the next thought, and the next section.

By then, they are so interested in what you’re saying that they don’t realize that they are quickly coming to the end.

Does that sound like something you’d like to accomplish?

Here’s how you can do the same thing….

If you want your target audience to read to the end of your content, develop the art of adding transition phrases to encourage readers to continue along the page.

In fact, there are quite a few transition phrases in this content to give you a feel for how well this works.

Admittedly, it is easer to see in longer content but you get the picture. Have you identified the ones we used, yet? Don’t stop reading now!

There are more than you think.

They’re in this list of 170 transition phrases to keep your audience reading. You’re going to love this…

  1. Actually…
  2. Additionally…
  3. Alternatively…
  4. Amazing, isn’t it?
  5. And best of all…
  6. And I’m not stopping there…
  7. And most importantly…
  8. And now, you’re thinking…
  9. And on top of that…
  10. And remember…
  11. And the best part is…
  12. And then it hit me…
  13. And this is where people run into trouble…
  14. As a matter of fact,…
  15. As if that’s not enough…
  16. As you may already know…
  17. As you may have noticed…
  18. Aside from that, one thing’s for sure…
  19. Back to what I was saying…
  20. Bear with me because…
  21. Before you forget…
  22. Bottom line is…
  23. Breaking this down into bite-size pieces…
  24. But before you decide…
  25. But don’t take my word for it…
  26. But guess what I realized just in the nick of time…
  27. But how do you…?
  28. But if you’re still not sure…
  29. But that’s not all…
  30. But there’s a catch…
  31. But wait, there’s more…
  32. But what does that mean?
  33. But what exactly is…?
  34. But what if…?
  35. But where can you find…?
  36. Case in point…
  37. Consequently…
  38. Consider this…
  39. Could this be true?
  40. Do you ever wonder…?
  41. Do you see how huge this is?
  42. Don’t stop reading now…
  43. Don’t you wish…?
  44. Even I was surprised at what happened next…
  45. Fair enough?
  46. Follow me so far?
  47. For example…
  48. For instance…
  49. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…
  50. Furthermore…
  51. Get started right now with…
  52. Guess what happened!
  53. Had enough…
  54. Hang on to your hat, you’re about to find out…
  55. Here’s a little case study of this strategy in action…
  56. Here’s exactly why…
  57. Here’s how to do it yourself…
  58. Here’s how you can do the same thing…
  59. Here’s how you solve this…
  60. Here’s how…
  61. Here’s something we can both agree on…
  62. Here’s the big secret…
  63. Here’s the bottom line…
  64. Here’s the interesting part…
  65. Here’s the main issue with that…
  66. Here’s the next step…
  67. Here’s what else…
  68. Here’s what happened next…
  69. Here’s what I mean…
  70. Here’s what we found instead…
  71. Here’s why that’s important…
  72. How awesome is that?
  73. How do I know?
  74. How?
  75. I can almost hear you thinking…
  76. I can’t stress this enough…
  77. I finally understood that…
  78. I know that’s a lot to take in, but bear with me…
  79. I know what you’re thinking…
  80. I’ll explain…
  81. I’ll let you in on a little secret…
  82. I’m sure you’ll understand…
  83. I’m sure you’re with me on this one…
  84. If that sounds good…
  85. In addition [to this] …
  86. In all honesty…
  87. In fact…
  88. In truth…
  89. Is it true?
  90. Is that something you’d like for your business?
  91. It all boils down to this…
  92. It all comes down to…
  93. It gets better…
  94. It’s all included in the…
  95. Just imagine…
  96. Just look at what happened to…
  97. Keep reading…
  98. Let me ask you this…
  99. Let me break this down for you…
  100. Let me clarify…
  101. Let me elaborate…
  102. Let me explain…
  103. Let me lift the veil for you…
  104. Let me tell you how…
  105. Let me walk you through…
  106. Listen, …
  107. More importantly…
  108. Never again…
  109. Not only [this] …but also [that].
  110. Not to make light of this, but…
  111. Now, I don’t know about you…
  112. Now, I know what you must be thinking…
  113. Now, tell me…
  114. Now, this is important…
  115. On the other hand…
  116. Please, don’t let this happen to you…
  117. Quite frankly…
  118. Reality is…
  119. Remember…
  120. Seriously…
  121. Shocking, isn’t it?
  122. So what’s my point?
  123. So what’s next?
  124. So what’s the catch?
  125. So what’s the solution?
  126. So when do you use…?
  127. Sound good?
  128. Stay with me now…
  129. Stick with me here, because…
  130. Still not convinced?
  131. Take a deep breath and relax…
  132. Take Alice’s story, for example…
  133. That’s just the tip of the iceberg…
  134. That’s when I realized…
  135. That’s when you might hit a snag…
  136. The answer is yes…
  137. The answer?
  138. The best part is…
  139. The cold, hard truth is…
  140. The next step is…
  141. The problem is…
  142. The result?
  143. The solution is simple…
  144. The trick is to…
  145. Then it finally dawned on me…
  146. There’s just one problem…
  147. There’s no doubt…
  148. These were our results…
  149. Think about it…
  150. To prove it, here’s…
  151. To put this in a different perspective…
  152. To top it off…
  153. Today, more than ever…
  154. Want proof?
  155. Well, I’ve got news for you…
  156. What if you could…?
  157. What’s more…
  158. What’s worse…
  159. While that may seem shocking…
  160. Why does this work?
  161. Why is that?
  162. Why?
  163. You don’t want to miss this next part…
  164. You guessed it…
  165. You see my point, right?
  166. You see…
  167. You won’t believe how the story ends…
  168. You won’t believe what we discovered…
  169. You’re about to find out how…
  170. You’re gonna love this…

Benefit Bullets Swipe File 


Potential customers really want to know how your product will benefit them and why they should buy. Listing the benefits gives customers a reason to buy.

Use these examples of features and benefits to help you come up with your list.

Quite often, when business owners create or offer a product/service, they are excited about their new addition.

They can’t wait to share it with potential customers so they add information about the features, specifications, and technical details. That’s great but…

Potential customers really want to know is how it will benefit them and why they should buy.

Listing the benefits gives customers a reason to buy.

They explain how the product or service improves their lives and connect to your customer’s desires to your product/service.

Make those benefits easy to see and stand out by adding them in a bulleted list, with plenty of white space around the section.

The fact of the matter is that if you don’t tell potential customers what’s in it for them and bullet point those reasons, they won’t be buying from you but from your competitor.

While we can’t give you a full list of benefits that apply to your products and services, we can share examples and help you understand the difference between features and benefits by showing you what your customers want to see in the benefits column.

Be sure to mix the two with a little persuasive copy.

Feature                                                                       Benefits

Use half as much as other brands.                            –  Save money for other things

Low calorie                                                                  –  Better health, less weight gain

Opt-in copy included                                                   –  Save time, less work

Step-by-step instructions                                            –  Save money, build skills and confidence

#1 recommended ___ by [expert type].                     –  Safety, boost confidence

____ done for you                                                       –  Save time, less work, more free time

You keep all the profits.                                              –  Make money, save money

We’ve included some promotional tools.                    –  Make money, more sales, less work

# ___ formats to meet your needs                              –  Satisfaction, compatibility

Instant delivery                                                           –  Save time, quick access, more free time

Large-font type                                                           –  Easy to read, less eye strain

Money back guarantee                                               –  Safety, satisfaction

Precision port cutouts in phone case                         –  Full-function ports, less frustration

Order online – open 24 hours                                      –  Convenient, safe, economical

Clickable index                                                           –  Easy to search, convenient

Multi-platform support                                                 –  Use on multiple devices, convenient

Generates and remembers long passwords              –  Efficiency, security, less stress

Automatic software updates                                       –  Less stress, no tech skills needed

Friendly, knowledgeable support staff                       –  Stress relief, satisfaction

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Tips               –  Info on demand, find answers quickly

Custom organize materials                                         –  Personalize to needs, advanced usability

Motivating Phrases Swipe File

When writing copy, stop and consider what emotions or circumstances would prompt your reader to take action.

These motivating phrases will help influence readers to buy or follow through with whatever action you are asking them to take. 

The ultimate goal of any sales copy is to get the reader to take some type of action. Unfortunately, what often happens is, nothing.

The reader doesn’t feel compelled to click the link or call the phone number so they leave empty handed.

The reason for this failure generally lies with the words being used. Readers rarely take the initiative or make a decision without being persuaded to do so.

You have to give them a reason to take action.

When writing copy, stop and consider what emotions or circumstances would prompt your reader to take action.

Working in conjunction with the hook and the call to action, these motivating phrases will help influence readers to buy or follow through with whatever action you are asking them to take.  

When writing motivational phrases, you can highlight a positive – order now and something good will happen “order now and get a bonus” or a negative – if you don’t order now, something bad will happen “wait till tomorrow and you’ll have to pay twice as much”.

Here are some motivating phrases you can use in your copy.

Before its gone forever

Seats will be sold out anytime soon

Only limited copies available

Flying off the shelf

Selling out fast

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Your competitors are reading this too

Secure your copy before time runs out

For the next 72 hours only

For a limited time only

110 90 76 copies left

Get it now before it’s too late

It won’t be up for long

Selling fast

It’s now or never

Time waits for no man

Time is a factor

This won’t last forever

Don’t wait anymore

I don’t know if I can put this up much longer

Running out of time

Once in a blue moon

You’ll never see it again

Remember, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If you don’t like _____, I want you to request a refund.

Imagine how much money you’ll lose if you do not invest in your future with _______.

There are only <number> copies left so get yours now.

Think about all the _____ you can get with our _____

Don’t think. Don’t wonder. Just try us out.

Test drive ______ for the next 90 days after your purchase

What have you got to lose, except a chance to try it out?

Give us a chance to help you out

It’s your success or your money back

I’ll let others tell you why _______

If they can do it, so can you

We hope to see your testimonial in this page too.

Get everything you need for one price.

It will cost you more, if you _________

As you read this page, thousands of other people are reading too

Only you and [limited number] other people can have the privilege of__________

There’s nothing else out there quite like ______

Get instant access to _______

Act now to ______

Starting this second, you can ______

More value for the money when you _______

Boost your _______ by tonight

Here’s a gift for you, simply for ______


Say goodbye to frustration

Price Justification Swipe File

One of the most challenging areas of selling products or services is determining what price to charge.

Oftentimes business owners will set a price they may not be truly be comfortable with so they offer a discount to make the sale.

This strategy means they are giving away their profit margin. If you find yourself doing this, stop right now.

Instead, what you need to do is find a price you are comfortable with.

If you have taken time to study your audience and the market, you should have a pretty good idea of what your audience will pay for your product or service.

When you set a fair price, you can be confident in it. This allows you to better defend your price so you don’t take a loss.

Questions you might need to address:

  • Why is it so cheap?
  • Why is it so expensive?
  • Which is more important to your reader, price or value?
  • Why your reader can’t afford to pass up the offer.

One way to justify a price is to compare your price to other products or services your readers use regularly.  “Less than your daily Starbucks coffee

Another way is to remind readers how much their problem is costing them (in time, money, happiness, etc.).  “Continue to live your life indoors or spend just $50 to block those harmful sunrays and start having fun in the sun.”

Here are some more ways you can justify your prices.

  • You could eat take-out tonight and be satisfied until morning or you could buy this and _____ (fix your problem permanently).
  • It’s actually way more than “just” ________ (an ebook or?). You’re getting ________ (a complete system).
  • Buying this from _____ would cost you _____, but get it here, right now for only_____. You get the same solution for less money.
  • Would you trade ________ for __________ (a $5 cup of coffee for a report that will show you how to make money for the next 5 years)
  • We offer this at such a low price because ____________ (we write it ourselves, we don’t outsource, we don’t advertise, etc.) and we pass on this savings to you.
  • We’re offering this low price only during our launch. It will be increasing soon.
  • We are offering this at rock bottom prices because we love giving back to ____ (the community, fellow marketers, etc.).
  • You can find cheaper options but __________ (they aren’t the high quality we offer, the service sucks, they take longer to fix the problem, etc.)
  • What is it worth to you to ____________? What is going to bring you more value in the long run?
  • If you don’t take advantage of this offer, you will have the same problem tomorrow and every day thereafter.
  • It’s a complete system. There’s no need to buy anything else.
  • Buying each piece separately would cost you ________.
  • Don’t settle for an inferior product when you can __________.
  • Get in on this for just __________ per day. You can’t buy a ______ for that price.
  • No other _____ gives you more _________.
  • We’re offering _____(twice) the amount of information than any other source.
  • You can waste your hard-earned money on ____________ (something silly) or you could spend it on _______ (your product/service) and get ____________ (benefit).
  • These items are exclusive, they cannot be found anywhere else.
  • You can choose the cheapest or choose the best.
  • You can choose the cheapest or choose the one that best meets your needs.
  • Isn’t it better to pay a little more and have _______ (peace of mind, unlimited access, etc.)
  • Would you rather have _____ (what one competitor offers), _____ (what another competitor offers) or both (what you offer).
  • ______% less expensive than our competitors.
  • Are you going to settle for less than __________?

As you can see, all of these templates and tools included in the Copywriting Templates and Swipe Files will give you what you need to get started writing effective copy in your emails, sales pages, landing pages and social media.