Short Notes on Copywriting

Copywriting notes

Copywriting is selling in print.

You must answer each objection in advance.

Following are basic elements in successful copywriting:

  1. Pre-Head: Targets the primary prospects.
  2. Headline: The ad for the rest of the ad.
  3. Deck: A paragraph reinforces the headline and rises curiosity.
  4. Body: Bulk of text.
  5. Subheads: Separate major sections “bucket brigade” of your copy.
  6. Lead: Sets the criteria of who this letter is for.
  7. Rapport: Demonstrates that you know the reader’s pain.
  8. Credibility: Why you should listen to me.
  9. Bullets: Identifies a single benefit without revealing how it was derived.
  10. Testimonials
  11. Value Justification
  12. Risk Reversal
  13. Bonus – the “extra degree”
  14. Offer (Call to Action): Ask for the order.
  15. PS.:The place to sum up the top benefits of your product for your readers.

Here are some copywriting tips:

  1. Use all 15 of the basic elements.
  2. Think always of your reader.
  3. Use short words.
  4. Use short sentences.
  5. Use short paragraphs.
  6. Establish credibility early.
  7. Repeat your core message consistently.
  8. Use aspirational language
  9. Write Socratically – ask questions.

Right Positioning:

  1. Focused Audience
  2. Story of Struggle
  3. Story of Finding the Solution
  4. Solution Framework
  5. Results

Right Packaging:

  1. Easily consumable solution that solves a distinct, immediate and ongoing problem
  2. High Quality
  3. High $$$ Margin
  4. Awesome Fulfillment

Right Promotion

  1. Fresh, content driven campaigns
  2. Strategic sequencing
  3. Promo partners
  4. Shopping cart and client management systems

Alternatives to Price Cutting:

  1. Get something back when you reduce price, i.e. reduce the value, less product
  2. Extend the time customer pays give payment terms
  3. Give the customer something extra, i.e. bonus, longer warranty, etc.
  4. Give a free trial period
  5. Raise your prices to the top of the value

Create Anything Script:

  1. Here’s who I am and what I do
  2. Have you ever had any of these challenges
  3. Me too – here’s my story of struggle
  4. Here’s my story of finding the solution
  5. Here’s the results I’ve gotten and I’ve helped other people get since then
  6. Here’s what I’ve found about the old world vs. the new world (what they told you doesn’t work, myths/trends)
  7. Here’s the solution framework – Step 1, Principle 1, Lesson 1 etc.

Levers You Can Use:

  1. “Extras Lever”: What bonuses could sweeten the deal for them.
  2. The “Now” Lever: What they can have immediately.
  3. The “Reward” Lever: If they succeed, what can you give them as a reward.
  4. The “Delay” Lever: How they can have it now and pay later.
  5. The “Social” Lever: How they can get involved with groups, friends, etc.
  6. The “Cool and Exclusive” Lever: What can they have that no one else can.
  7. The “Try” Lever: If it doesn’t work what happens.
  8. The “Touch Me” Lever: Who will tell them – Yes this is right for you.
  9. The “Narcissist” Lever: How will this make them better than everyone else.
  10. The “Servant” Lever: How will this help them make a difference.